Last Chance to vote!

Hiya peeps,

Today is the last time to vote for the edublogs awards. Voting is open until 11:59 PM US Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, December the 9th(today!)

Make sure to vote for Digital Paradise (if you want) and for many more blogs that have been nominated too! 🙂 If your blog has been nominated, leave a comment below telling us which blog and what category and we will vote for you! Click on the picture to got straight to the voting page!


Edublogs Awards

Hi peoples,

As you know from the post below, we have been nominated for the best group blog for the edublogs awards! Please vote for us HERE, and don’t forget that voting closes 9th December @ 11.59PM.

A couple of other blogs in our class also got nominated for some awards! These include…

Our classes class blog, Year 6rc is a finalist in the Best Class Blog! Vote for us here.
Esha’s blog This and That was nominated for Best Student Blog! Vote for her here.
Emily’s blog Dawso’s blog was also nominated for Best Student Blog! Vote for her here.
Sophie S’s blog SophieS18 was also nominated for Best Student Blog! Vote for her here.

Year 2rc at my school was also nominated for Best Class blog! Along with their other blog, Flat Rosie’s Adventures! Vote for them here.

My teacher, Mrs Miller has had her blog called Classroom Chronicles nominated for Best Teacher Blog! Please vote for Mrs Miller here.


(credit to Angie’s blog, Guess What?!)

Our passion’s…

What is my passion?………

Hey guys , Its Georgia here here and now I would like to tell you my passion.

My passion is dance. I’ve been doing dancing lessons for 8 years. I’ve done ballet, jazz, contemporary and now I am doing a mixture of dance styles in Funky Fitness. I feel that I am good at dancing and that’s one of the reason I like it.  Whenever I’m at home listening to the radio I just can’t help myself but by jumping up and start dancing.  Dancing is a wonderful feeling where you just feel so free and wonderful! Dance is a great way to stay fit and a fun way of doing it.  I will never ever stop dancing even if I break both my legs! 

Hi everyone,

My passion is photography

I have recently taken and interest in Photography and design. (Mostly Photography though).  Some pictures I have taken turned out really nice. i don’t really know how or why I am interested in photography. I guess because it’s a type of art and I really love doing art even though im not that good and the drawing bit of it and so I guess photography is my way of expressing my creativity and I really love doing that. I hope to one day, even though photography sort of is my passion that I LOVE doing right now, I want it to be something I do and include in my life. I would love to become a photographer or graphic designer someday. I also love dancing! I love doing ballet and I hope to continue it and get better at it. 


Hey peeps,

I am very passionate about my performing arts! The reason I love acting, singing and dancing is because you feel free. In acting, there are so many things you can do, you can feel sad, distressed or even lonely! I feel as if in acting, it is something I do well and that makes me want to keep doing it.  In singing, I love how you feel so much emotion it can even make YOU get emotional! I do singing lessons at school, and recently I have started doing a few duets with Georgia, its really fun because we sound great together! And with dancing, I do ballet, but I am not the best at it, but I love to feel so light on my feet! Whenever I hear music, I can’t resist tapping my foot!


Yo peeps

What I’m passionate about is making sure that refugees are cared for properly. I think that they get treated terribly when they just want to escape from all the terrible things that are happening where they once lived. Most refugees have been rejected from living in our country which i think is absoloutly not acceptable. If I had the power and the money, I would build a massive camp that is supplied with food, water, shelter, medical care and any other needs, until they can get a job, earn money and buy a house of their own. I would make sure that all refugee children would get a good education so they can make it into college nd have a successful life.

Eloise xxx

And that is all of our passions.
Digital Paradise xxx